Since its inception, Omerta Liquids has a clear goal: complete consumer satisfaction. To this end, we emphasize on the following areas.

Quality of our liquids: Every product on the market has gone through multiple quality controls and only those that we consider to be excellent are marketed. Excellent taste performance is our primary concern and it is something that characterizes all our liquids, but we never overlook elements like odor, steam texture, proper texture and minimization of residues.
Safety in use: All of our products are manufactured with accredited raw materials and are accompanied by MSDS certificates, issued by a specialized chemist. They are also registered on the EU-CEG European platform and fully harmonized with TPD.
Production conditions: Our laboratory is staffed by specialized scientific staff with years of experience in the field. The modern equipment as well as the controlled laboratory processes guarantee the production of proper, clean liquid that will satisfy even the most demanding users at all levels.
Customer service: Our salespeople are always available to assist you in anything you need when ordering, shipping and after delivery. Effective communication and service is one of the traits we are very proud of and we are sure we can meet all your needs.
We are a new, growing business having both vision and plan. We aim to reward you with the utmost confidence and will do our best to exceed your expectations and offer you quality products at competitive prices, using the best possible service.

Enjoy your shopping!